Friday, October 9, 2009

Old song, new twist

Been singing an old REM song today (under my breath, of course), with new words:
'Would you believe they're bombing the moon?'
And on to another subject: While all our intellectuals and activists are making scathing remarks about the Maharashtra government for declaring EVERYTHING shut on election day, I'm NOT with them. Hey, I want a holiday!!!
And yet another subject: Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize for what? Hello, he hasn't done anything remarkable yet! That prize should go to American citizens who voted him in. They deserve it.


Saltwater Blues said...

But I dont even know when your birdie is! and you're not on Facebook either :(

So did Bun have a good 40th?

rupagulab said...

An austere one, just like the current government! She refused som ras too, for some inexplicable reason. But we treated her to a massive massive massive lunch at Gajalee. Crabs still coming out of our ears!
BTW, on January the first, I want a song, okay?

Saltwater Blues said...

LOL@austere. You are so funny men Ru!

Done. On 1st Jan. If I'm not terrible hungover.

rupagulab said...

@swb: Ah, yes, hangovers. I will be in a similar situation as well- not given to austerity myself. I can forgive you groaning and languishing in bed that day, swearing off anything stronger than thumbs up. Okay, you're off the hook!