Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back to adult fiction with Juliet Naked

Moved from teenage fantasy/romance to middle-aged angst in a few days. Nick Hornby is consistently enjoyable. And his latest, Juliet Naked, is his best - so far. Not about a boy (geddit?) but a reclusive middle-aged former rock star and alcoholic. An acoustic, bare-bones, untextured version of his first hit, Juliet, is dicovered and packaged as Juliet Naked (I'm a good girl, I am,, I don't read porn!). And when news of this spreads to his internet-groupies, a lot of interesting things happen. It's hilarious - and dripping with irony. Trying to stretch it out as long as I can, but only have a couple of chapters left, damn. Fortunately BH has returned with 2 and a half kgs of books from Landmark.


Six months warranty said...

So I keep wondering.
What does BH stand for?

rupagulab said...

Beloved Husband. With a faint hint of sarcasm on the 'Beloved' part, to be precise. BTW, why is it that I can't access your blog? Not fair!