Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't knock it till you've tried it.

So there I was, flat out on my back yet again, doing the bed-rest thingie and bored witless. Re-read two Wodehouses in a row - not a very good idea because my back hurt everytime I laughed out loud. And then I wondered about Stephanie Myers - my physiotherapist had been whining and moaning about her 12-year-old's ghastly reading habits. "She's addicted to some rubbish about vampires," she muttered darkly. I was curious - all the little girls I know have been lapping these books up.
Since I was at a loose end, I asked BH to get me one of the books, and he dutifully handed me the very first in the series (Twilight) with a visible sneer.
Hell, I loved it for many reasons:
1. Well-written, not trashy like most best-sellers are
2. Sparkling wit
3. Exciting sexual tension
4. Dead sexy hero - hot, dangerous, witty and noble- sigh. I want! I want! I want!
5. Clumsy heroine with self-deprecating sense of humour
6. And, of course, the thriller bits starring other evil vampires
I'm DEFINITELY going to buy the rest!
P.S. Wish a vampire had sunk his fangs into me when I was in my early twenties - no need for anti-ageing unguents and freedom from frail, creaky bones and all that crap.


Rash said...

We will surely go to book hell. Bought all four as post board exam gift for the niece and then swiftly finished before sending them off. Warning: Twilight is super (there's a Edward version on the web which niece found..half done but hot) though the rest just don't come up to the mark. But of course you have to read them all.

rupagulab said...

See? I knew YOU would understand. Am pretty certain too that the rest can never measure up because the fascination can't go way beyond the first book. All that's left is more fights with more evil vampires and witty conversations, right? Even so, I must read the second book at the very least. Am lending Twilight to Bun - dying to hear her verdict. BTW physiotherapist's daughter is crowing with delight that someone her mom's age loves twilight. Physiotherapist now feels like a boring old fogey and swears to read the first chapter at least with gritted teeth!

Rash said...

Yes, aunt rating at all time high with niece and gang for giving them all four at one go :)

Six months warranty said...

Yes, the Edward version of Twilight is called 'Midnight Sun' so much more character
But honestly.
I couldn't keep Twilight down-but it sort of goes downhill from there.
The movie of course was a disappointment.

And now that you started out on Vampires, maybe some True Blood?

rupagulab said...

@6MW: Oh,I absolutely refuse to see the movie. Thing is, I already have a lovely picture of Edward in my head - where he looks sort of like the Radiohead lead singer (cool and cold). And the guy who plays Edward in the movie, Rob whatever, looks so wierd with a very strange old-fashioned puff, very like a thin Elvis Presley. This is NOT the Edward who turned me on, so no way!