Thursday, November 5, 2009

A stern message to owners of all fine dining establishments

Please do not put regular brands of alcohol on your menus and then blithely inform me that they're not available and attempt to tempt me into drinking seriously expensive upmarket piss instead.

Hello, I smoke Wills Navy Cut. Which, my darlings, also implies that I DO NOT HAVE self-esteem issues. Do understand that some people select a particular brand because they enjoy the taste, not because of the stupid hyped marketing shit it stands for!
Hopping mad. Hate, hate, hate wannabes! And sneaky, pushy restaurant-wallahs.


Six months warranty said...

Which resto?

rupagulab said...

Almost ALL the oh-we're-so dead posh ones. Try it - ask for an Old Monk or a regular Smirnoff (which dutifully feature on their bar menus) and 5 mins later the waiter will reappear and smoothly offer you Captain Morgan or Absolute or Grey Goose instead, because the brands you asked for are out of stock. Rubbish.
Then really give it to them. Make them weep. that way they may beg the management to stop being greedy.

Rash said...

Oh yes. According to all this hip restaurant fashion you're supposed to only order breezer and stick to just one. Old Monk is for truck drivers only no?