Friday, December 18, 2009

Can you read too much?

My poor little 6-year-old nephew has been accused of reading too much. His teacher told my sister that he even reads during 'break-time' instead of playing with his class-mates. So what? He's just discovered Harry Potter and the Famous Five, for heavens sake!

Snapped at my sister for not reprimanding the teacher. She snapped right back at me, and said that she didn't want Rohan to be like our family. She wants her children to be gregarious and 'well-rounded' and not terminally dysfunctional social misfits.

Technically, I could box her ears, because she's younger than me and we live in India where family elders can do exactly what they want with, well, family youngers! Held myself back, though. Trying to be Gandhian except when it comes to alcohol, nicotine and seafood.


Anonymous said...

...always wondered if too much of everything was bad. reading should be an exception to this hypothesis:)

rupagulab said...

@calvy: I look at it this way: when you eat/drink.smoke too much you feel sick, right? And if you DON'T feel sick, you're fine, no matter what other sniffy people say. So if you read too much your eyes will let you know if you've crossed the limit!!! Go with the flow till it hurts.
BTW, I hate the word moderation. That's my mum's favourite word.