Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh duck!

Ordered roast duck for dinner tonight. The restaurant manager recommended that I order half a duck for 4 people. Wish I hadn't listened to him, when I went to collect my duck - there it was, my wannabe piece de resistance, in a tiny box. Bigger than a matchbox, yes, but smaller than a size 5 shoe box! Oh well, the duck has now been downgraded to hors de oeuvres status. Prawns are lording it tonight. Not that anyone cares, it's the silly drinky season, after all!


Rash said...

Oh yes, it was silly drinky everywhere. V impressed by the duck. Sounds so good. Duck for Dinner. We're having drinks and the duck.

rupagulab said...

@ Rash: well, it didn't turn out quite that way, did it? Every year I push myself out of my standard apathetic lethargy to serve something interesting on New Year's Eve, and every year I fail! The disaster I had with the rather ambitious Roast Pork in 2007 is something I'll remember during my deathbed flashback.