Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lions, muggers and football hooligans - shiver

Yeah, we're going to South Africa. BH is worried that he may be living with pious, fully-clothed non-Charlie's angels within the next 4 years, so he has to see the world cup this year and fulfill his last death wish. Usually people on death row ask for a cigarette or something nice to eat like tiramisu, but BH is bloody difficult!

Am going with him ONLY to ensure that he doesn't do anything silly like leap out of a jeep when he sees lions at the one of the many wildlife parks on his wish list. The last time we went to Corbett he leapt out of a moving jeep to shoot a leopard! The guide had to race after him and drag him back while, of course, I was doing a Bianca Castafiore. BH informs me that there are 1600 lions at Krueger. Friends inform me that there are zillions of muggers in Jo'berg. Am not a happy person these days.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rock chicks never win!

This season's Idol is a bit sad. Just like two people worth rooting for in a sort of half hearted way: Crystal the rock chick (no point in rooting for her is it, unless, of course, the Idol chaps take a leaf out of our book and put 33% reservations in place for rock chicks), and a guy who sang Hinder's Lips of an angel rather nicely but menacingly last week. Dunno his name but he looks rather interesting, like an axe murderer. God, how I miss Adam Lambert!