Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Briefly seduced by Facebook

Yeah, so FB kind of distracted me in a big way. But less than 3 months later, I'm not sure if I even want to be on FB! Tired of the 'join this club and that club' and 'like this or dislike this' shit. And am not remotely interested in gawping at pictures of old friends - even if the women have grown moustaches and the men wear lipstick. I prefer to remember how they look in my head.

Miss the blog madly - because that really records how I think and feel - and I'm not playing to an audience here. Just writing for myself. To re-read when I'm old (okay, older) and practically dead (almost there!). Have made better friends on the blog, besides, like Saltwater Blues, and connected with my astute sister's friends, like Hornswoggle.

Have been busy, busy, busy on my next book and writing my new weekly column, Out of my Head, for a new newspaper, Bengal Post. Since they don't have a website yet, am going to paste my articles here.

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deepika said...

I like Facebook for a few things. One of the reasons is I get to know what's happening around me. I learnt so much through, of course, communities. But, it has, many a times made me feel sick, too!
Anywayz, CONGRATS for being a part of Bengal Post. I tried searching for them before a few days, but, happy to find your articles here!!!! Yey!!