Tuesday, March 8, 2011

God, what fools some mortals be!

Was part of a panel discussion yesterday on how women are depicted in contemporary Indian (English) literature. Met a number of interesting women, some of whom I'd enjoy spending time with - and one insufferably pretentious woman I'd enjoy sparring with. She contemptuously trashed chick lit - not just the genre but the writers as well: "All of them write badly", she sneered. The poor judgemental dear probably also believes that all men beat their wives, all Muslims are terrorists, all Punjabis do the bhangra, etc. What do you say to foolish people like that?

Didn't have the heart to tell her that I'd struggled to read a rambling piece of fluffy rubbish she'd written a few days ago. Even bad chick lit writers are more engaging than this wannabe intellectual can ever be. And thank heavens for that!


Anonymous said...

Someone actually SAID that?

Amazing how some people believe they're the intellectual elite.


Rash said...

Who who who? mail names plssssss ;p

rupagulab said...

A horribly terribly 'Look at me, Im going to save the world' earnest person. Will send you a secret email!