Friday, March 25, 2011

Voldemort lives in Maharashtra, India

The media is evidently petrified of NCP leader Sharad Pawar. When scams surface every two seconds and it's glaringly obvious (even to my dog) who is behind them, 'He Who Must Not Be Named' is coyly referred to as 'Senior Maharashtra Politicians'. The use of the plural is a polite way of referring to his size. After all, our local Voldemort takes up two airline seats, remember? Plush generously sized Business Class seats at that!


Parul Gupta said...

nail on the head ... as usual!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a regular lurker here and decided to de-lurk!

I have been going around asking everyone this question.

Between a corrupt and complacent party and a communal and misogynist party, who do you choose?

rupagulab said...

@whatsinaname: Oh, I'll take a corrupt party over a communal party anyday. I prefer people who steal money to those who steal lives!BTW breezed thru your blog. We have Bruce Wayne in common!

Anonymous said...

And the fact that we both hate Hindu fundamentalists.

It's just so sad, you know? When we elected the Congress to power, we did because we didn't want to be ruled by stupid blind fundos. At least, that's why *I* voted for them. And Rahul Gandhi's starched white kurtas and dimpled smile had NOTHING to do with it iswear! :-|

I also have zero problem with dynastic politics as long as it is clean politics and good governance.

I put so much faith in them and they just had to slowly ruin it like that. And now sometimes I don't know who to vote for. I KNOW in the end I will shoot myself but NEVER vote for puritanical Hindu hypocrites, but just the fact that sometimes I have second thoughts about supporting a secular party(something that I've always wanted to do) is just plain sad.

rupagulab said...

@whatsinaname: I feel the same way. The corrupt UPA fill me with rage. But then, the communal BJP fills me with something more potent than rage: contempt. I wish we had another halfway decent secular party/alliance we could vote for to teach the UPA a lesson. but till that happens, we're stuck with those greedy horrors. I will NEVER vote for a communal party, not even if a loaded gun is held to my head. and not even if they send dead sexy Bruce Wayne to persuade me!

rupagulab said...

@ whatsinaname: Also, let's NOT forget that the BJP is corrupt as well. Bangaru Laxman etc in the past, Yeddyurrapa etc now.They are not pure - far from it.
So you have to rephrase your question to, 'Would you prefer a corrupt party to a communal & corrupt party.'